I've always been know as a man of fast machines and of all the individuals that would be caught riding let alone own a scooter, I'm the last guy on earth, except this one time. 
Long story short, I traded a gentleman a large quantity of old BMW E30 parts I didn't need anymore for this old 1972 Vespa Sprint Veloce he didn't want.  My intentions of keeping it were non existent, but rather a plan to just get it running and re-sell it for a profit.
Fast forward a few days, after rebuilding the carb, and giving the motor a much needed tune up, it came to life, and of course I had to go test ride this lawnmower on two wheels. I'm not tooting my own horn, but i'm a pretty good rider, that has ridden just about every motorcycle to date. This scooter had to be one of the weirdest transmission/riding platforms i've ever ridden. 
To my surprise this little scooter was an absolute joy to drive in the city, and probably still the fastest scooter I have yet to ride. I hit a top speed of 78mph, and frankly I was more terrified than doing 165 on my Ducati.  All in all my verdict? The vintage one's are really cool, quality is outstanding, they are reliable, and exceptionally fun to ride.
Enough said, enjoy the video, its quite comical,



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