I'm not going to lie, I have never been good with politics nor involved in them, and frankly my interest lately in them won't change my overall outlook of them. To me today's determining factor for president in my eyes comes down to who has the bigger bank account, and who can BS to the world better. It's sad, but true, what was once a prestigious bid to run for president back in the day has changed to essentially one big joke in modern times. Every "joe schemo" is coming out of the woodwork and running. The current runners up for president frankly aren't impressive, but more of a disappointment. I'm going to get flak for this, but the one candidate that seems to have a backbone in my eyes is, Trump. Yes he has many traits that need work, such as his ego, running his mouth when he shouldn't, the list goes on. Yes he is an experienced businessman, but politics can vastly differ from business, and one has to be careful combining both.
 Many ask why do I like Trump? It's not his sweet hairdo, he's not a great speaker, he's kind of a loudmouth, his idealism on population control is not appealing infact at times shows Nazism. In fact many other candidates such as Carson, Bush, etc seem to fit the job of president better than Trump would. Except for one aspect, its something that I rarely see in the rest of the candidates currently running. One of the most important traits a president should carry, that little fire that burns inside some of us us called "Patriotism". Which sadly is a foreign word to many American's today. That  in my eyes is true gold for a president, and why may you ask? Today's society in America has to be politically correct to such a degree it screams "weak minded", sorry but it's true. What happened to individuals who stood up and professed their love for being a citizen of the United States? What happened to the individuals who have a back bone in their body in which being offended is doesn't exist? Trump in my eye's is one of the few in the current race that truly loves America, that has hope for the country and its individuals.  He has  a fire inside that burns "I am an American" many haven't seen for 40 years. Call me crazy, call me stupid, don't worry I can take it, I don't get offended like everyone else in this world.However, what happened a few day's ago at one of Trump's rally frankly has me disturbed to a point. I was not there, but from every video I've seen, a Muslim woman attending the even't stood up and silently protested. She didn't do anything out of the blue besides stood silently in a normal Muslim head dress. Long story short people became angered and Trump had her escorted out. Now I understand ISIS is a Muslim affiliated group, I understand there is a great turmoil with the Muslim religion in many parts of the World and America. I understand Trump want's to "register every Muslim in America" which frankly won't happen.  I understand he wants to curtail Muslim immigration, due to its origin to Terrorism.

However that is not the issue I'm focusing on, the issue is how this Muslim woman was treated.  I feel that it could of been approached in a much better way than it was handled. In my eyes what I witnessed brought me back to the days of segregation. The scowling looks I saw in the eyes of the individuals around the woman made me feel sorry for her. No I don't know her, and if all I know she could of been a member of ISIS, but until that is determined no-one had the right to treat an individual like that. I felt that whole situation was very "un-American" (not sure if that's a word). It was not what America is about, and frankly she is the one with the backbone to have the courage to even stand up in that situation knowing the possible outcomes, not the individuals surrounding her. I give her credit for her courage, and I feel that escorting her out simply for silent protesting was wrong on Trump's part. She wasn't causing a disturbance, she wasn't causing harm, she simply was speaking her mind, something that we as American citizens have the privilege to do so. Now you're going to ask am I a Muslim? No, and in fact many aspects of the religion scare me, but we have to realize, there are good apples and bad apples in every religion. I know some absolutely fantastic people that are Muslim. In which would take the shirt of their back for anyone, and we must not judge until we know the facts. We must not point our fingers with anger until we know both sides of the story. This situation my friends, was not handled the American way, and it angers me. If Trump want's a chance at presidency he needs to close his mouth and open his ears, and take a good hard look at how he handles certain situations. For all eyes are on his actions, and that can have a snowball affect if not dealt the correct way. This woman deserves an apology, I know she didn't like Trump from the get go, but she also doesn't have to like trump. If she wants to speak her mind, she can! That's why I am an American, I can speak my mind freely.

The question is, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it was handled the correct way?

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01/19/2016 11:21pm

Maybe Trump himself paid her to do that...to make obvious a (patriotic?) point or just to continue to stir things up...just sayin'.

I agree with you about the freedom to be...as an American.


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