The 80's are definitely an era of the past, but that doesn't mean you can't relive them in style. I got the opportunity to pick up a mighty 1987 Plymouth Horizon (most have never heard of one) for a steep $400. Think of it as the Geo Metro of the 80's. Creme of the crop in terms of aesthetics, where having a passenger mirror or FM radio was an costly option, which this car had neither. However its lack of options did not deter us from having a jolly good time with this beast. Yes this car was incredibly slow. Yes it was incredibly basic, and at times I could not tell if I was driving a car or a boat due to the flex in the suspension while going down the road, but there were parts of the car I loved. Its size made parking a breeze, infact C.J and Kevin easily moved the car by picking up the rear-end, literally picked it up. The simplicity of the cars interior made you appreciate the view outside the car. It was time my fellow hombre's and I busted out our neon, bundled up for the cold, and unleashed the inner beast of this Plymouth Horizon.  Enjoy the video, its stupid, funny at times and gives you an idea what the Horizon is all about in sub freezing temps.



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