Our good friend Shawn Osen from Wyoming wanted to put together a flying gathering of our squadron pilots in a small town known as Hulett, Wyoming. I initially was skeptical due to Wyoming being widely famous for a PPG pilots arch enemy "strong wind". However I was not going to deny an opportunity to fly new scenery. The event was strewn out over a 4 day period. There was a small problem, this event was in conflict over  Father's Day. Why not turn it into a roadtrip of epic proportions with my Dad? It took some convincing, but my father was in for an adventure. We packed up my vintage camper "Squarestream", loaded up the flying machine, and embarked on a 6 hour drive North. After fighting 50mph+ winds north of Cheyenne, it was a relief to be able to do more than 55mph, a box on wheels for a trailer being towed by a 180hp car rarely fares well against strong winds.  



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