There are many questions and not many answers about the spectacular car crash you are about to witness. Here’s what we know: it happened in St. Tropez, it involves a Porsche 918 Spyder, and the guy who just crashed a million dollar car must feel like the world’s biggest idiot right now. Unless he can afford to buy another car. Then I guess he’s just an idiot with a lot of money.

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This video is so good. I love the way you shared it here to tell people about the people who do not take care and suffers with losses.

Now that's what I call CAR-ma. Get it? It's karma but with cars instead. Anyway, that's also what you get if you showed off your stuff too much. I guess he had it coming to him. He became a laughingstock among his friends. I hate boastful people like that. I hope he learns a valuable lesson out of this.

11/02/2016 4:29pm

Well, it's a very good article. Thanks for informing us.

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12/23/2016 10:23am

Such a pathetic doushbag! He deserve this.

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