Daniel Ricciardo has dedicated his Malaysian Grand Prix victory to the late Jules Bianchi and says he has been "waiting" two years to do so.

The Australian took advantage of Lewis Hamilton's dramatic engine failure to lead home Red Bull's first one-two since the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix. Ricciardo fended off teammate Max Verstappen's charge with a brilliant defensive drive, just moments before leader Hamilton's race ended up in smoke as his Mercedes caught fire.

After the race, a visibly emotional Ricciardo, who claimed his first win since the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix, told Sky that he had been wanting to dedicate a victory to Bianchi -- who died last year as a result of severe head injuries he suffered after a crash in 2014 at Suzuka.

"I want to dedicate this one to Jules, as well," he said. "I've been waiting for a victory and waiting to dedicate this to him.

"My life definitely changed after that incident. I'm extremely grateful and appreciative of everything that I've got. I'll dedicate this to him."

Ricciardo believes the win is a sign of how far Red Bull has come as a team over the last two years and was quick to pay gratitude to his family.

"After Monaco in particular was obviously mixed emotions. It was a hard one to take. I felt we've come through that, as a team we've learnt a lot. As a person, it made me a bit stronger. I think I've only got better since then."

"I want to thank my parents. They're not here this weekend but definitely without them... I think just simple things, the way they supported me growing up. I had a good upbringing, I'm thankful for that. I think it's definitely helped me get to this point. My sister as well."

Ricciardo lost out on an almost-certain victory in Monaco earlier this year, after a slow pit stop saw him finish behind Hamilton in second. The Red Bull driver said he felt his win in Sepang was deserved after losing out around the streets of Monte Carlo.

"Obviously Lewis got the lead and got his problem. I'm not really one for believing in a whole lot, but obviously it went the other way in Monaco. I'll take this today, no hard feelings to Lewis, but I'll definitely take the win."

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10/30/2016 8:56pm

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