Truck world records are falling thick and fast at the moment. Just days after Volvo’s Iron Knight becamethe fastest machine of its kind in history, Bryce Menzies’ 888bhp Pro2 off-roader has set a new benchmark for the biggest truck jump ever.

Bryce, a 29-year-old off-road racer from Las Vegas, landed an astonishing distance of 115 metres (379.4ft) from a purpose-built ramp in the middle of a ghost town in New Mexico, surpassing the previous record of 101 metres set by Tanner Foust in 2011.

An adjudicator from Guinness World Records was on site to verify the attempt, although they are yet to officially confirm the exact record that has been set by Menzies and his team.

The stunt is the result of six months of dedication, in which time the crew performed several trial runs at a secret location in San Diego. These test led to suspension modifications as well as time in a wind tunnel to help make the vehicle more aerodynamic.

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Watch a real video of "Truck world records" on this blog post and share your positive thinking about this. I am surprised from this video and stunts which is real during this event.

09/22/2016 8:37am

It’s amazing to do something extra ordinary to set the world record. Driving is dangerous so I think that Bryce Menzies is really a very brave person to set such a great record. I was stunned to saw the video, it really was awesome that it amazed me.

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