Airlander 10, the butt-shaped airship that just flew for the first time last week, crashed earlier this morning on its second test flight, damaging the cockpit.

Nicknamed "The Flying Bum," the helium-filled aircraft took off from its central-England airfield last week to begin its initial testing, and was flying this morning for a second round of test flights. The aircraft completed its tasks for the day during its hour and a half flight before coming in for a landing.

Video posted to YouTube from witnesses on the ground show the aircraft’s slow descent, nose first.

Photos published by the BBC show that the crash damaged the cockpit. According to a tweet from Hybrid Air Vehicles, there were no injuries in the crash, but the company denied that it had been damaged in a collision with a telegraph pole, as had beenreported earlier by eyewitnesses:



How badly the airline crashes even after the first launch of that one. The size of this plane comes inside the top ten leading planes and the crashes of such things always produce such sort of loss to economy. The proper verification of these systems should be done before flying.

08/30/2016 7:35am

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