Donzi Powerboat MASSIVE Drop Dubstepified!What can we say about THIS video off the coast of San Francisco that hasn’t been said before? It doesn’t take a degree to know this wasn’t a good idea! Well, just WATCH!



06/30/2016 3:51am

This Donzi Powerboat is awesome in its power and good for the people who are using it for their use in sports and doing fishing in the sea. There are a lot of people like to play in this way and it helps a lot when we find the best powerboat.

08/27/2016 11:34pm

Powerboat indeed! An extreme sports for adventurous people. I am fortunate enough to experience this one with a friend. Well, as much I love the touch of waters and the boating experience, the breathless experience is so awesome! This makes everyone really unique and creative in many ways.

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