If This Isn’t The Most Beautiful Thing You’ve Ever Seen, I Don’t Know What Is.This visually stunning footage from multiple vantage points will probably make your jaw drop. In preparations for a 2015 airshow, this team of pilots practiced formation flying and allowed us to see some of that footage.

What’s more, for one reason or another they looped and barrel rolled in the skies over, wait for it…the Alps. What’s better than two of the best looking fighter planes flying over one of the most beautiful mountain range in the world? That’s right, nothing.

Besides the P-38L Lightning and F4U-4 Corsair, Red Bull has also restored a B-25J Mitchell which they found at a U.S. aircraft cemetery.

These two iconic warbirds are expertly flown by two Red Bull pilots, Raimund Riedmann and Eric Goujon. Both these guys always had a passion for flying but also love historical aviation.

Now, to touch on that subject which splits our readers pretty much in half, Red Bull does put their big, red, non-historical logo on the planes we love the most. They also pump an average of about $1 million in restoration per aircraft. Feel free to discuss.



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