Despite what it might look like, this is one of the most unique and tranquil ways to enjoy the wonderful world of ballooning in Vermont. 

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05/25/2016 9:39pm

Oh my God…….. Its really amazing and too much fun because I think no one can think about this idea which you have implemented here. I think this video should be uploaded on social media like Facebook and twitter because this kind of funny movies get thousands of likes from viewers.

07/20/2016 3:43pm

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09/01/2016 10:52am

LMAO! This is so much fun. I have always wanted to ride in a balloon. Never have I thought the possibility of riding on the balloon. You are so awesome. You actually make it look so easy. However, to people like me who have jitters when put to the challenge of heights, this might be a dream. I wish I could just be as fearless and carefree as you on this video.

09/22/2016 4:27am

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