In February, 1978, a Dino 246 GTS was discovered by a group of kids digging in the front yard of their home in Los Angeles. After much speculation and media attention with very few leads, it was eventually concluded that the car, which had been declared stolen four years prior by its owners, had been buried there by the thieves. The-then current residents claimed no part in it and amazingly, no neighbours had reported seeing anything strange (like someone burying a Ferrari) back in 1974. The car was returned to the insurance company that had covered the owners’ loss several years earlier and it was put up for private auction. The Dino went to a young mechanic for $9,000 who managed to fully restored it despite extensive damage (from being buried underground for several years and from the botched removal job from its muddy grave). Since then, historical enthusiasts have been unable to track down the mechanic as he has since moved garage and never left a forwarding address. Three decades after it was unearthed, the Ferrari has yet to be listed on any Dino registry. Is it still on the road? Could the disappearing mechanic have been the one that buried it in the first place? So much mystery still revolves around the buried Dino.



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Really??????? Found Ferrari buried in front yard??? I think you should thank God for such a good luck because it is not an ordinary thing. I think everyone should read this article because it can give us an interesting time pass.

11/16/2016 12:15am

Who the hell just goes up and steals a car just to bury it underground? Why? Why would they do such a thing? And how did the owner not realize that there were nothing strange or unusual things going on back in 1974? It's a complete waste! Good thing that they finally found it and they've already fixed this Ferrari.

12/19/2016 6:48pm

Well that's something you don't expect in your front yard! I think this is how history affects you directly in your face. Contingent events in the past affecting you eventually in the present gives you tingling feelings. What could be the motive behind the thieves who stole that car? Just how desperate they were in actually burying that car?

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