Maybe one day we'll think that rockets and space aren't that cool, but it's not today.

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05/11/2016 5:47am


In this video we see a rocket is launched to space that’s why I wanna admit that this blog is not an ordinary like others. If a person is related to this field and has some interest then he will surely comment here to appreciate writer for sharing such a lovely stuff in public.

07/20/2016 3:42pm

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11/09/2016 11:58pm

thanks for share it.

11/30/2016 10:44am

I have never come across to a rocket launch to the space and i must admit that this post is wonderful. Thank for sharing this amazing post.

12/17/2016 4:55am

I have never seen a rocket being launched thank you for providing me with the chance to watch it in this vidieo

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