As a plug-in hybrid, the new Volvo XC90 T8 can run on electricity, gasoline and, according to a viral video released by the Swedish carmaker, energy generated by other cars.

In a move to show off their engineering prowess, Volvo rigged a hydraulic energy-producing system powered by the weight and movement of other cars to charge the electric motors of an XC90 T8 Twin Engine Hybrid parked along the side of California highway.

The peristaltic system consists of a rubber mat placed on top of a series of water-filled tubes that run the length of the roadway. Passing cars drive over the mat, forcing the water through the tubes and into a pump that converts its kinetic energy into electricity, which is then channeled into the Volvo.
It's a pretty neat trick that gives Volvo the right to call the XC90 the first car to be powered by other cars. 

If that bit of braggadocio weren't enough, the charging station also included an electronic board that flashed a thank you to the passing car, identifying each by its make and color. Extra troll points for you, Volvo.

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