Another week, another fly-by video from an airline.

You might remember the recent video of an Etihad Airbus A380taking to the skies surrounded by fighter jets or the much more visually stunning video in which an Emirates A380 was trailed by two guys flying with jet packs. Now, continuing the trend of making airline ads that showcase flying objects acting as sidekicks, Air France is celebrating its final Boeing 747-400 flight with this video of the the queen of the skies flying alongside several Alphajets from the Patrouille de France. Just like in Emirates’ video (but less exciting), the Alphajets fly in a daring formation, which leaves behind contrails colored with the hues of the French flag.

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Copying an idea has been always not so attractive as the original idea, but it is a good marketing campaign to use these ways. Many people like such videos and it is good to try something different to make the Airline more innovative in its ideas and the way of targeting the customers to fly with.


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