We all know that pickup trucks are seriously big business in the U.S. auto market right now, which is one of the reasons they’re getting so much more luxurious and more expensive these days. So, take a look at what you can really achieve with the pickup format if you’ve got too much money, too much time, and a pretty wild imagination. Step forward, the Ford F-750 World Cruiser.

With a 2016 Ford F-150 4WD SuperCrew Platinum having an MSRP of $56,120, how much do you think an F-750 Word Cruiser would cost? Obviously it’s going to be more, so $80k, $100k, $250k perhaps? Nowhere near, I’m afraid. In fact, this behemoth actually cost an eye-water $6million for Dunkel Industries to build.

This fabulously silly pickup might well end up in the collection of an Arab oil billionaire one day; at least the owner of the company that built it will probably hoping so, anyway. The Ford F-750 World Cruiser was put up for auction, but the winning bidder didn’t manage to drive away in the truck after the closing bid of $55,000 fell light years away from what the truck cost to build.

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05/12/2016 4:07am

Transport is one of the major essential of our country. Now a days, technology rapidly grow and high speed cars, bikes and air planes come into being. Many people show interest in it and in technology also. Great to listen, that technology is growing.

07/20/2016 3:47pm

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12/07/2016 9:39pm

Car companies keep on inventing more designs of car and rich buyers are all eyes always. But having a car is not just about looking rich,somehow, it becomes a necessity because it is less hassle compare to using public transport vehicles.It doesn’t matter if your car is pricey or not, as long as it gives you satisfaction, it clearly serves its purpose.

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