Hundreds of Cuban refugee's cling to the wings of Air Force One as it departs Cuba this morning. Sources say the President made a statement indicating he told anyone who could hold on the entire flight back to the US would be granted citizenship. Reports of refugees strapping themselves to various parts of the plane and surviving have been confirmed, aswell as dozens others making a splash in the ocean as the 747 departed Havana. 



03/23/2016 7:52pm

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08/26/2016 5:45am

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04/21/2016 2:37pm

It is reported that hundred of Cubans escaped from their country and they got on the wings of air force jet traveling toward U.S. It seems insane as how it could be possible to get on the wings and traveled a long distance but it also seems a good idea to cling on the airplane wings and get away from problems.

06/24/2016 4:34am

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07/13/2016 1:19am

Is it a real photo? I think it's a fake.

09/07/2016 12:37pm

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