A FlyDubai Boeing 737-800 has crashed in a fireball while it attempted to land at a Russian airport killing everyone aboard.

Flight FZ981 was carrying 55 passengers and seven crew members from Dubai when it crashed at Rostov-on-Don airport, according to a statement released by FlyDubai. Earlier reports said that 61 people were aboard the flight.

Russia's Emergencies Ministry said in a statement: 'The plane made a second round coming in to land because of bad weather conditions. 

'At landing the tail touched the runway, began to break down and burst into flames. At present, no combustion.'

Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov told media during a press conference that it was scheduled to land at 6.20pm ET, which is 1.20am Moscow time, but crashed at 8.50pm ET, which is 3.50am Moscow time. 



05/12/2016 3:09am

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06/23/2016 9:27am

What a tragic event! My deepest condolences to the family and friends who lost the lives of their special someone on the airplane crash. I think it is now the time to really make the safety of the passengers be the number one priority. Bad weather should not be underestimated cause we don’t know the uncertainty that it will cause. I don’t want to blame someone for the loss of these lives but I really hope that this incident will serve as a lesson for all of this kind of industry. It just really sad that it got to a point wherein many lives will have to lose just because of not foreseeing carefully the weather. I believe that this could be controlled, not the weather, but the action of the crews. They should take extra careful and responsible for their actions.

06/16/2016 1:18am

This is very sad news that Fly Dubai has crashed by leaving 61 dead in that crash. Airplanes made our journey time very short by flying in air and bringing all countries together. Accidents like these are making people to rethink to fly in airplanes.

06/19/2016 2:09pm

Oh! That was seriously a sad news that this jet is crashed. I feel sorry for the pilot and appreciate his stunts that he performs in air without any kind of fear and with full of bravery. He was best for his job.


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