Air Tahiti Nui released the jawdropping behind-the-scenes footage of its operations to celebrate its 15th anniversary. It was created by Matthieu Courtois, a 32-year-old technical engineer from Tahiti who has been working for the airline since 2007, with the help of pilot Ludovic Allain.

Using a go-pro, Courtois spent a month filming and editing the video, which follows the airline's A340 planes as they fly from Aukland to Paris via Papeete (French Polynesia) and Los Angeles.

The result? Viewers are taken on the ride of their lives on the runway, underneath the plane, into the turbines, inside the cockpit and over some spectacular sights.

There are some heavenly views of aircraft skimming through the fluffy clouds, before the clouds break and the incredible view of Tahiti's islands becomes visible.

One thing's for sure, the video captures the high life as you've never seen it before.



07/27/2016 2:37am

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