Youtube has an amazing and terrifying video of two coaches trapped by “shooting rocks” – very high velocity rockfalls – on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan.  These boulders, some of which are very large, have managed to get into the high velocity, bouncing mode that is so dangerous:

Particularly impressive is the boulder at the 28 second point, shown below.  This boulder has entered the mode of movement in which it is rotating around its short axis, allowing very large bounces and high velocities to develop.  It is a good thing this did not strike the coaches:

It is not clear as to where this occurred on the Karakorum Highway, but fortunately there were no casualties.  It must have been terrifying for those on the buses though.



OMG. It seems really terrible. Shooting rocks can be really disastrous in these hilly areas. Just imagine the lives of so many people in these two coaches were at stake, i.e. in real danger I mean. Hope everyone was saved.

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