Look, there isn't much to say here besides what's in the headline. This is a five-minute video of a guy—two guys, actually—trying to start their 1983 diesel-powered Nissan pickup truck on a 22-degree day.

It takes all five minutes for the old truck to fire up. And somehow, what should be an utterly boring (if not downright frustrating) video is completely and utterly compelling. 

Maybe it's the accents, as exaggerated as they may be. Maybe it's the surprisingly elaborate video editing—multiple camera angles! Smooth cuts! A completely overkill studio-quality microphone positioned to pick up the sound of that struggling, ice-cold engine!

The YouTube description says this video was created for diesel parts supplier IDParts' annual Cold Start Contest, the rules for which are stone simple: "Film yourself starting your diesel in the cold, upload it to YouTube and send us a link!"

We don't know if these guys won, but we hope they did. That 33-year-old pickup may be reluctant to wake up on a frigid day, but with the right loving touch, it doesn't let its owners down.



04/02/2016 9:46am

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11/28/2016 7:43am

Nissan is one of best car for home using. I use this car personally and really enjoy because this car has luxury seats and power steering. This car petrol conception is also better and your video gives me a good way for covering his issue.

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