Fast Masters was a made-for-television auto racing series, broadcast on ESPN in 1993 that featured notable drivers over the age of 50, most of whom were retired from professional racing at the time. The Fast Masters series was a summer-long elimination competition, with identically-prepared, $750,000, TWR, Jaguar XJ220s racing on Bridgestone RE71 high-performance street tires. The races took place under-the-lights at Indianapolis Raceway Park, in conjunction with ESPN's Saturday Night Thunder. The cars carried the sponsorship of Havoline, and the series was officially sanctioned by USAC.

Close and intense racing ruled each night as championship winning veterans from Formula One, IndyCar, NASCAR, NHRA, Endurance racing and more, some who were well into their 70's, fought hard for every position. Considerable attention focused on the event, as many came out to witness the impressive and unprecedented lineup of legendary drivers.

Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Bobby Unser won the championship, claiming the $100,000 top prize.



04/02/2016 1:47am

This is amazing TV series we know that we should take some new generation thoughts to make sure that we need some thing supportive and better for future

Even if it was made for the purpose of broadcasting it is a very good and cool car. Especially for racing it seems to be very popular and well liked car because there are so many crazy racing fans in this country and these types of cars are their best interest.

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