When posting about it on Reddit Cars, the builder of this intriguing piece of furniture mentioned that it’s “powered by the ignition switch giving power to a battery which then powers the starter which spins the flywheel, crank, chains and cams”. He admits that it’s “not the safest piece of art”, but points out that the key isn’t kept in the block, and that his workshop isn’t somewhere that’s usually visited by kids anyway….


04/19/2016 2:46pm

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05/23/2016 12:53am

I agree that is stupidly cool, and thanks for the post you have given. It's sad that kids dont spend time on his workshop. its scary yet entertaining, how in earth you create one of that. i believe that you a genius creatiing that kind of thing. I'm sure that your imagination is wide and effective that you have produced such a thing.

10/27/2016 11:19am

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