Guy on Quad Gets Clobbered by Car If you were under the impression that riding your quad through city streets and ripping off stunts was a good idea, this video might make you think twice. When this guy was trying to get some riding in, his world pretty much flipped upside down quite literally when he came head to head with a much bigger force. While pulling a wheelie, this poor dude ended up coming up a little bit short on his luck and being plowed into by a car that he couldn’t see coming until it was too late. Check out the video below that shows this dude getting dumped on the pavement in a painful sequence. Luckily, it looks like he was alright afterward. 



05/31/2016 4:47am

The video that you are posted is very interesting. The video is very important for the people who have an interest on bike rides. After viewing this video everyone can have an idea about bike rides and car rides. At top of the blog, the thing adds extra attractiveness to the post.

Doing these types of stunts on main road is very dangerous and risky also. Without any proper protest it not good to do stunts. Crossing of lines will result in accidents we should follow traffic rules and see that we don`t become problem for others on the road.

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