Imagine that you have an American “shooting brake” Mustang with 435hp, I.R.S., and room for your toys to boot. Sure this could be called the Redneck (Ferrari) FF, but I would call it the sensible “Family Truckster GT”.  With the muscle car game strong, there is no telling if something as unorthodox would show its face at a car show or at least through us here at GearHeads. All we know is that we would be glad to drive this in the Swiss Alps with an American Flag livery and bald eagle head cornices as rear view mirrors.

Sure this car will be $#!t in the snow and ice compared to the FF, but who cares, if you wreck this one you can still buy 6 more (or more) for the price of one Ferrari. So what it all boils down to is if the world and especially America would accept this hunchback of north Detroit or if it would likely end up a marketing disaster.


Joseph Perry
02/24/2016 7:19pm

Be sure to add AWD and this would rock oh also a little bit of a ground clearance also


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