Imagine if you owned hundreds of rental homes. And imagine that one of your tenants in one of your homes committed a horrendous crime. 

If the FBI got a search warrant for that house and asked you to open the door to investigate, you wouldn't have a problem with that, would you?

Probably not. 

But imagine they didn't do that. Imagine, instead, that they said:

"Hey, all these locks and doors and other security features you have on your rental properties are too difficult for us to get through when we need to search somebody's house....

....so we want you to give us the keys and alarm codes to ALL your rental properties, even though no one in those houses committed a crime."

That's a much different situation.

And that's what the argument between Apple and the FBI is about.

The FBI is not asking Apple to unlock a single phone.
They're trying to force Apple into give them the key to every iPhone in the world. 

That's why this is important. And it's got the potential to turn into history's biggest battle over your right to privacy.



02/21/2016 5:51am

wont happen apple will keep the codes because it will allow governm ent to spy on apple as well:-)))Apple dosnt trust government government dosnt trust companies,WE DON'T TRUST EITHER:-))))))

07/19/2016 1:56am

I see the writer's point. The FBI does seem to be demanding a little too much from Apple. Personally, I feel less secure in the thought of the possibility of them getting their hands on that key. It is already a breach of people's privacy. What is troublesome about this idea is the thought of other people misusing and abusing the information they would gain.

03/10/2016 8:41am

I think by not giving the FBI what they are trying to get that Apple is fully in the right for telling the FBI tobshove it up their arse

03/28/2016 7:10am

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04/25/2016 10:36pm

I think FBI is trying hard. The most important thing is to keep all your data from leaking. Just don't post everything online :D

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