A Beechcraft C90B King Air (PP-WCA) crashed on final, about 300 metres short of the runway of Comandante Rolim Adolfo Amaro State Airport - SBJD, Jundiaí SP Brsail and caught fire.

The aircraft was on a pre-deliver test flight after maintenance work and the pilot reported that he lost power and altitude shortly after takeoff and tried to return before he crashed.



Ron Willenbrink
02/10/2016 7:55am

Tip Stalled ..

02/10/2016 1:38pm

He stalled the right wing and caused a spin.

A Pilot
02/10/2016 3:20pm

Im not sure of the situation so I hate to speculate but given that he had lost power, according to the article, I would say its more likely his speed dropped below VMCA causing the aircraft to roll over. It almost sounds like he powered up at the last second to try make the runway which would have caused the roll to he far worse. The asymmetric thrust would have been too great for the aerodynamic force of the rudder to counteract it at lower speeds. Condolences to the families of those on board.

Another Pilot
02/10/2016 3:47pm

This is what I thought, as well. Most likely that is what happened.

05/11/2016 12:21pm

I heard about the air crashes and i feel really sorry for those poor families who has lost their families in that blast. Terrorists want to spread the terror in our country and therefor they do such kinds of blasts everywhere. Air crashes of our country mostly takes the lives of hundreds of innocents and the rate of air crashes increasing day by day.

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