We all know that automotive story from the 1960s, the story of how Henry Ford II showed Enzo Ferrari who’s top dog at Le Mans. It’s the story of the world-beating Ford GT40, a car so rare and valuable that us mortals can only dream of owning one.

The GT40 Registry-eligible replica you can admire above is more attainable than the original endurance racer. Priced from $169,995, the 50th Anniversary Shelby GT40 celebrates the legendary 1-2-3 sweep at the 1966 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The thing is, though, that mountain of green dollar bills doesn’t buy you an engine or a transmission.

According to Shelby American, the best combo you could get on their iteration of the GT40 is a classically correct manual transmission and no less than 427 cubic inches (7 liters) of Ford FE V8 madness. The least expensive 427 FE goes for $27,499.99, which is Chevrolet Impala money. But then again, the 427’s rumble makes it worth it.

The anniversary GT40 stays true to the original GT40 Mk II’s dimensions. In plain English, that’s 163 inches (4.14 meters) long and 40 inches (1.01 meters) high. For the taller ones among us, Shelby American will gladly install a Gurney bubble right over the driver’s seat. Even the 2x10-gallon fuel tanks and the Halibrand style pin drive wheels are made to the old GT40’s specifications.

If you aren’t too fond of the black and silver color scheme of Bruce McLaren’s 1966 winning machine, Shelby American can paint your anniversary GT40 in blue or red, with or without the white racing stripes.

For those of you who can’t do without the cool blow of air conditioning, fret not because the right price will get you that as well. With these being said, forgo the balloons and party poppers - just put your money where your mouth is and buckle up because driving this bruiser is what celebrating Le Mans is all about.



50th anniversaries are always great for anything and it is the best car’s in the world. I would love to drive these type of car’s in my whole life. I am never able to visit and drive these type of quality cars in my life so this is the best chance to look at you.

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