As the old adage goes, “go big or go home.” To give you an idea of what this sandrail is all about, we don’t think that the owner will be “going home” any time in the near future. This beastly sand rail makes 1300hp. In something that weighs nothing more than an oversized go cart, that has to be an insane ride! Check out the video below with jumps and wheelies this insane ride as he shows off each and every last horsepower that the impressive rail makes! As the uploader says, the results speak for themselves! 



05/10/2016 10:39am

Running cars are good in the deserts I love to see them because it is my dream to see them running in the deserts and I want to make these type of cars by myself. I wish that the people will feel great and very good.

07/20/2016 3:49pm

happy with what I saw and I read here, the information that I can quite make me satisfied,
For I already know on this page mengatkan I can only thank you.

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