One of the worst dakar crashes caught on video, the rider was clearly ejected at near triple digit speeds. Most would instantly be on the injured list yet he simply gets up, picks his bike up and starts riding again. That shows true determination to win. Kudos to this guy.



03/20/2016 1:54am

I must say that this was the worst crash and I am very upset to read this. I have got much information from this blog post.

03/20/2016 9:51pm

Most would instantly be on the injured list yet he simply gets up, picks his bike up and starts riding again. That shows true determination to win.

03/28/2016 11:02am

In desert race most of these type of mishap happen. I also have a road accident last summer when i slip from sand and injured my knee.

04/04/2016 8:54am

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04/12/2016 5:47am

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04/13/2016 12:46pm

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04/19/2016 10:43am

In the blog of breed of speed a story disused that how the speedy motor cycle crash but the spirit of riding in person will attract people that he will again riding the crush bike with heavy speed. That shows that nobody can stop the person spirit.

04/22/2016 6:21am

This is amazing guys. After hitting with the floor he will be okay.This guy is very lucky.I like your video. Thanks for sharing this type of videos with us.

04/25/2016 6:15am

Yes I agree with you! Bike riding is quite common action which greater part of people do on consistent foundation. At the time of driving, everybody should take protection security officers to protected their body and life.

04/25/2016 6:17am

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05/12/2016 2:23am

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06/03/2016 4:09am

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06/20/2016 11:17am

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07/05/2016 2:37am

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08/01/2016 11:39am

Wow! The stunts was too good. I saw the video and I think this is the best bike riding video. Thank you for the post. But the good thing is rider's careful about the safety.

08/13/2016 10:13pm

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09/03/2016 10:36am

This crash really very dangerous and i hope he will cover very soon. In riding many unwanted occasion were happened but rider take some importance thing then he will must save from these crash.

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