It’s rare to see a promotional video of fighter and attack planes.  While Lockheed Martin put together a pretty slick campaign last decade for their F-22 and F-35 platforms, the promotional videos have really dried up over the past 5 years.  That’s what makes this video for the AT-6C turboprop attack aircraft video a special find.   It’s a light attack aircraft based on the T-6 Texan II that is used for Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) in the United States along with some other allied nations.  Shot in and around Yuma, Arizona, this video captures the beauty of flight and the sexiness of attaching some weapons to the T-6 Texan II.



03/17/2016 2:17am

We can see army of every country making progress in making super weapons and we can see here an awesome and most beautiful plan specially it's design is really amazing and i really like it.

04/13/2016 5:28pm

What job does this guy have?? Does anyone know?

12/21/2016 10:24pm

Those fighter and attack planes are incredible and extraordinary. I've only seen those fighter planes in movies and they're really great. Our armed forces could really maximize the use of this fighter attacks in the midst of war. Those missiles and guns in the plane could destroy everything struck by its power. I believe that United States and Russia own some of the most powerful armory and fighter and attack planes.

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