Wow is about the least I can say about this car, if you just look at its transformation from the begining to the end result, is amazing to say the least
STARTED WITH A SUPER CLEAN STOCK PORSCHE 993 C2 and look what it turned to. 
Click Here to see the car_



03/28/2016 10:41am

Thats one of the awesome post I have read recently on car, especially 911s that you focused here. May be I am gonna have one soon...... lol

Thanks buddy for details info on this subject. keep it up.

07/25/2016 2:55am

This car is looking fantastic with beautiful design. I think it was re modeled car the owner has great taste in building this car. Porsche is one of the world`s best car and we can see this transformed car looks better than the old Porsche 999 C2. I liked this car very much good model with good speed to it.

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