I present a short documentary on a man like no other. Who fought in 3 wars back to back. Who flew dozens of fighter aircraft ranging from the P80, F86, F104, F100 to the Northop F5. Who is one of the few to eject out of a F100 and live to tell about it. And at the age of 85 continues to this day to carve the clouds in the sky with his airplanes. I present to you USAF Ret, Colonel Jack Wilhite, and his story of survival, his close calls with dogfighting Mig 15's and some insite on his personal 2 seat Mig 17 in which very few are left in the world to this day. 

Filmed by: Breed of Speed founder Nathan Finneman.



08/07/2016 7:59am

What a great performance of these tow war birds and the video is really interesting to watch and it is full of joy. Its small documentary have much info for stopped flying and but i am some wonder that how 85 year old fighter fight in air.

08/26/2016 3:36am

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