A passenger who was injured when a propeller crashed through the window of a commuter airliner is lucky to have made it through the ordeal relatively unscathed.

A propeller can be seeing jutting out of the body of an Air Canada Bombardier Q-400 that made an emergency landing Thursday night when a tire blew during take-off, a passenger told CTV.

Christina Kurylo was hit in the head by a propeller blade that sliced through the body of the Jazz Aviation plane when it landed at the Edmonton International Airport, CTV reported.

“All of a sudden, something came crashing through my window and I got hit in the head,” Kurylo told CTV Edmonton on Saturday. She said the blow from the propeller knocked her glasses off and left her dazed. Her only injury was a few bumps on her head and some bruises.

The incident is being investigated and no one else was injured.



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