I'll be honest, when it comes to Hybrids, i'm not a fan. Its not because of the green peace, earth loving culture that follows it, its because I am a motorsport purist, that bases my passion off the raw sound of an exhaust note. However with that being said, my opinion on hybrid race cars has turned a page for the better. With the McLaren P1 coming out, I started to appreciate the raw acceleration that an electric car can produce. It really became apparent after I saw the video of Toyota's ECM Hybrid race car overtaking pretty much ever race car on the track. Watch the video, and if your not impressed, then I have no words for you. 



04/09/2016 12:07am

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06/27/2016 6:13am

amazing, i am glad. Thanks for sharing

08/05/2016 12:36pm

Hybrid cars are eventually made to save the nature but you reason is also make some sense. But I have no regret to these kind races that are meant to give some entertaining time.

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