Its a rare sight to see a 48 year old car racing on a modern day track , but when your talking about racing an original 1966 Shelby as it left the showroom new...that's a whole different level. 
               Meet William Miller, owner of this gorgeous 1967 Shelby GT350H. Its rare enough that its an original Shelby, but what makes this car a degree even more rare is it's the infamous Hertz edition.  Shelby struck a deal with the Hertz Corporation in 1965 to produce a special line of G.T. 350s for rent that, after their rental-car lives were finished, were returned to Ford, refurbished, and sold to the public as "GT 350-H" models. Most Hertz cars featured gold LeMans stripes and rocker panel stripes, although a few were white with blue stripes. The first 85 Hertz cars were available with four-speed manual transmissions and Hertz advertised them as "Rent-a-Racer" cars. During rental, these cars were sometimes used as production class cars at SCCA events, and were rumored to have been returned to Hertz with evidence of roll bars being welded in.Hertz ordered the last 800 models with black paint, gold stripes and black interior, as well as automatic transmissions. William has owned the car for more than 35 years, and races it like its a new car, and he doesn't plan on retiring it anytime soon. A true Breed of Speed enthusiast



John Haven
05/11/2014 5:38pm

Love seeing old cars like this still rocking laps times. Nice write up!

08/30/2016 9:13am

No one has foreseen the value these classics will entail in today's 21st century. With this, we can say it would be practical if we start investing on the future classic vintage. Some design classics starting from 1998 by Audi, Subaru, and Ford has the most potential for higher value in the future.

06/27/2016 4:58am

hey, this is really amazing, i love shelby and want a classic one.

I can't believe a classic beauty such as a 1967 Shelby GT350H is not just well maintained, but well enough to race today! Its Hertz edition only makes it a hundred times better! I've been a racecar for almost five years now, and I have never experienced racing such a car as that. I could only dream of actually driving it. Great job on keeping your classic limited edition car in great shape.

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